Nizar Story summary


November 2010


Adam & Eve: Segment 1 - THE DISOBEDIENCE

Adam and Eve are ushered out of the garden of Eden because of their disobedience.  Confused and abandoned, they make their way into a strange, new world of unknowns.  Their relationship with God and with each other is broken.  They struggle to understand and search their hearts, knowing one thing for certain.  They had looked into the heart of God and knew that He loved them and would make a way for them to come back to Him.


Adam & Eve: Segment 2 - THE PATCH

Adam and Eve hope salvation is in the bearing of children until they see the seed of disobedience in them also.  They try to learn their children out of disobedience, thinking their experience will teach their children back to God.  They struggle to recreate Eden and fail.  Frustrated, Adam takes the boys back to the beginning of their journey only to find the way into Eden has disappeared.  There is no going back the way they came.


Adam & Eve: Segment 3 - SACRIFICE AND DEATH

Abel wants to make a sacrifice to God of a little lamb.  Cain takes up the challenge as a competition to garner the favor of God.  When God chooses to honor the sacrifice of Abel over Cain’s the older brother is furious and seeks his revenge.  Cain kills Abel.  Innocent blood cries out to God from the earth and Adam and Eve now know that they can’t save themselves.  Only God can come for them in His good time and in His own way.


Noah: Segment 1 - THE BIG BOAT

In obedience to God, Noah built a big boat on dry land, far away from any water.  It was a witness to a wicked world that God was going to destroy the soured relationships of all Creation, because the thoughts and deeds of mankind had become continually wicked.  God was going to start over again with a small family and a handful of animals.

Noah: Segment 2 - TESTING

Hearing God is one thing, obeying God is another thing. The big boat stood as a witness to evil men to turn from their wickedness and obey God. For one hundred years Noah toiled on the boat. Mankind had plenty of time to repent. Instead they came against Noah and his family, testing their resolve to stay faithful to the living God.


The animals came in pairs, miraculously, and still wickedness flourished. They entered the big boat with Noah and his family and God sealed them inside for their salvation. Suddenly judgment was upon them all as water gushed from every crack in the earth and the rain poured down from the skies. For one year and 17 days the Ark floated upon the raging waters and all life on the earth was destroyed. When Noah and his family emerged from the Ark, Noah built an altar to the living God and worshipped Him. And God put his rainbow in the skies as a reminder that He would never again destroy the earth by flood.

Abraham: Segment 1 - LEAVING FAMILY

“Go forth from your country, and from your relatives, and from your father’s house, to the land which I will show you.” Abram, as he was called then, took a great gamble and obeyed God. The relationship started small and slow as all relationships do. One step at a time with God, and Abram had taken the first step upon his long journey, a lifetime journey with the living God.

Abraham: Segment 2 - THE PROMISED LAND

Abram arrives to find his promised land in deep famine. He finds a pagan land practicing all kinds of idol worship and human sacrifice. Faithful to the living God he offers sacrifice and speaks against the negative even in his own family. But he must take care of his family and his herds. Hearing nothing from God he moves his family to Egypt. Should he have waited upon God to answer?

Abraham: Segment 3 - EGYPT

Afraid, Abram tells the Egyptians his beautiful wife, Sarai, is his sister. Pharaoh hears of her beauty and takes her as his wife. Little known to him, Sarai is barren. Barrenness is a curse among all peoples of the earth. Plagues come upon Pharaoh and he finds out that Sarai is Abram’s wife and she is barren. Shamed and betrayed by Abram, Pharaoh sends them out of Egypt, and Sarai leaves with a gift, Hagar, to be her handmaiden and bring her happiness.

Abraham: Segment 4 - BACK IN THE PROMISED LAND

Abram has promises. God has promised him the land and God has promised him an heir. He has neither. Sarai decides that they should help God bring about His promises. She gives Hagar to Abram to give her a child. Relationships get more complicated when Abram takes Hagar as his second wife and she becomes pregnant. Sarah treats Hagar harshly out of jealousy and she runs away.


God saves Hagar and sends her back to submit to Sarai. He tells her to name her son Ishmael. God tells Abram he will have a son by Sarai and to name him Isaac. He has Abram circumcise all the men in the camp as a covenantal sign and changes Abram’s name to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah.

Abraham: Segment 6 - BARGAINING WITH GOD

Abraham entertains three visitors on their way to destroy Sodom. Abraham bargains with God. The city will be spared if God can find ten righteous men. Sarah gives birth to a son, Isaac. The tension in Abraham’s tent intensifies as Sarah now has the promise, Isaac.

Abraham: Segment 7 - THE SACRIFICE

Sarah and Hagar clash and Sarah demands that Abraham get rid of them for Isaac’s sake. God tells Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael away. Abraham obeys God and sends his first born son out of the camp.


God tells Abraham to take his son, Isaac, to a mountain that he will show him and sacrifice Isaac. Abraham obeys. At the last moment God provides a ram in the thicket for the sacrifice and spares Isaac. Sarah dies.

Isaac & Jacob: Segment 1 - THE BRIDE, THE TWINS, AND THE BURIAL

Isaac marries the beautiful Rebecca and they have twin boys, Esau and Jacob. Abraham dies. Isaac and Ishmael bury their father and share some very tender moments with painful memories.

Isaac & Jacob: Segment 2 - BIRTHRIGHT

Two boys couldn’t be different. Isaac favors Easu the hunter. Rebecca favors Jacob the clever one. Easu shows his lack of respect for the family and sells his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of food. God confirms his covenant with Isaac that his descendants will as numerous as the stars.

Isaac & Jacob: Segment 3 - THE BLESSING

Isaac thinks he’s dying and wants to give his blessing to his boys. Jacob deceives Isaac into thinking he’s Easu and gets Isaac to give him the elder brother’s blessing. When Esau finds that he’s lost his birthright he sets out to kill Jacob. Jacob flees. In the wilderness he meets God.

Joseph: Segment 1 - THE COAT OF MANY COLORS

Jacob has 12 sons. Joseph is his favorite and he gives Joseph a coat of many colors which Joseph wears in front of his brothers and makes them very jealous. Joseph is so honest it gets him in trouble. He reports back to his father that his brothers are stealing from the herds. Joseph makes matters worse by telling his family of his dreams.

Joseph: Segment 2 - SOLD INTO SLAVERY

Joseph’s brothers hate him. They decide to kill him. A slave trader happens by and they sell Joseph into slavery. The heartless brothers splash animal blood on his beautiful coat and tell their father he’s been killed by a wild animal. Joseph is sold to a rich Egyptian.

Joseph: Segment 3 - THE SLAVE

Joseph is a slave in the house of Potiphar, the warden of Pharaoh’s prisons. Joseph is an honest man and soon Potiphar puts him in charge of his whole household. But Potiphar’s wife is of an evil disposition and tries to seduce Joseph. He runs from her. She’s accuses Joseph of attempting to rape her and Potiphar has no choice but to throw him in prison.

Joseph: Segment 4 - THE PRISONER

Joseph is put in charge of the whole prison. Pharaoh’s Cup Bearer and his Baker are thrown into prison. They both dream. Joseph interprets both their dreams. The interpretations come true and when Pharaoh is bothered with dreams the Cup Bearer remembers Joseph and tells Pharaoh about him. Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream giving all the credit to God. Joseph is put in charge of all Egypt to manage filling the storehouses for the coming famine.

Joseph: Segment 5 - PHARAOH’S RIGHT HAND

The storehouses are full and the famine comes in its full fury. Joseph has enough food to feed all Egypt. Famine also rages through the Promised Land and Jacob’s cupboards are empty. He sends his sons to Egypt for food.

Joseph: Segment 6 - THE REUNION

The brothers don’t recognize Joseph in his Egyptian clothes. He recognizes them and decides to put them to a test to see if they’ve changed. Through a series of tests Joseph prepares the stage for him to reveal himself. Joseph uses his power and authority to move the whole family to Egypt and give them the choicest lands. Joseph is reunited with his aging father.

Moses: Segment 1 - THE GOSHEN PRINCE

Pulled from the Nile, Moses grows up in Pharaoh’s palace, a prince of Egypt. But his heart is in Goshen with his people, the slaves, the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. When he sees an Egyptian beating a Goshen slave he kills the Egyptian. He flees Egypt for his life. He finally stops running when he comes to Midian in Northern modern Saudi Arabia.

Moses: Segment 2 - THE BURNING BUSH

Forty years of happiness pass in Midian. Moses marries Zipporah and has two strong sons. He keeps his father-in-law’s sheep. God speaks to Moses from the burning bush and tells him to go back to Egypt where he will lead the Goshen slaves out of Egypt and back to the Promised Land. God has to test Moses in the wilderness before he can continue on to Egypt.

Moses: Segment 3 - THE BROTHERS

Aaron, Moses’ brother, meets Moses at the Mountain. Moses and Aaron travel back to Egypt with a clear mission, to convince the slaves that Moses is their leader, and to convince Pharaoh, mighty Pharaoh to let the people go. Armed with the promise that God would deliver them, Moses takes up his life’s work.

Moses: Segment 4 - GOD SIGNS

Moses confronts Pharaoh. One mighty act of God after another and still Pharaoh would not let the slaves go. Egypt is being devastated but none of the plagues touches Goshen. The battle between God and Pharaoh rages.


Pharaoh hardens his heart like a stone. The final battle lines are drawn and God tells Moses to instruct the people to paint their door frames with the blood of a spotless lamb. That night the angel of death sweeps across the land of Egypt. Pharaoh lets the slaves go with Moses. A defeated Pharaoh asks Moses to bless him before he leaves. The God of Moses has reigned supreme over the gods of Egypt.

Moses: Segment 6 - GOD’S DELIVERANCE

Pharaoh hardens his heart again and goes after the slaves with his army and chariots. God parts the sea and the slaves walk to the other side on dry ground. The Egyptian army is swallowed when the sea collapses upon them. The great rejoicing is soon forgotten as the freed slaves run out of water to drink. God not only delivers but He also provides.


Moses leads the people to the same mountain where he saw the burning bush. God gives the ten commandments to Moses. The people rebel, worshipping a golden calf. The lack of water is always an issue and so is food. God provides but the people grumble. Even after severe punishment the people grumble. The Tabernacle is built. God dwells among the people.

Moses: Segment 8 - GOD’S WAY, MAN’S WAY

After many trials they get to the edge of the Promised Land. Moses sends spies into the land to survey it and bring back a report. Only two bring back a good report the rest are negative. Because the people can’t trust God to deliver the land into their hands He tells them that they will have to wander the wilderness for the next forty years. So for the next forty years Moses herds the human sheep in the wilderness. Not one of them enters the Promised Land, except for the two spies who gave the good report, Joshua and Caleb.

Samuel: Segment 1 - JUDGES

The system is corrupt. The rulers of the people can be bought. There is no justice. The Ark of the Covenant is lost in battle, Eli dies, and a new Judge, the last Judge, Samuel, takes his place. But Samuel’s sons become corrupt and there is a restlessness for justice in the land.

Samuel: Segment 2 - LONG LIVE THE KING

The day of the Judges that ruled the people is coming to a close. The people want a king so they can be like all the other nations around them. Samuel sadly grants their wish and God tells him it’s not him they are rejecting, it’s God being King over them they are rejecting. Samuel anoints the man God has chosen. Saul becomes King.

Samuel: Segment 3 - POWER CORRUPTS

Saul looks like a king and dresses like a king but he does not have the inner character needed to be king. When he disobeys a direct command of God, Samuel tells him that God has chosen another to be king in his place. Samuel is sent to Bethlehem to anoint THE KING, a man after God’s own heart, David.

David: Segment 1 - THE SLINGSHOT

David goes up against the giant, Goliath, armed with only a slingshot. It is God’s wisdom to be in the bravery of one man, standing against a giant, rather than a whole army marching against a city. In God’s hands a slingshot can accomplish more than a sword; an act of love can cover a multitude of sins. We look into a great secret, one of the true mysteries of our Creator. David soothes the demons bothering King Saul with his psalms and hymns, and becomes Jonathan’s very best friend.

David: Segment 2 - SLY AS A FOX

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. King Saul marries David to his daughter, Michal, but he cannot overcome his monstrous envy of the young man. David has to flee for his life from the threats of the King. David will not touch God’s anointed even though he has been promised the kingdom and been anointed by Samuel. He expresses his deepest heart’s desire to Samuel wanting God to be King in his life.

David: Segment 3 - SAMUEL DIES

The death of Samuel was not unexpected but it was still a major shift in power. The age of the Judges had finally come to an end. The age of the kings was now fully upon the nation. Saul and his sons go out to do battle and all die on Mt. Gilboa. If David and his mighty men of valor had only been there to fight alongside the King and his sons; if the two anointed had fought together this tragedy might have been avoided. Now David is King.

David: Segment 4 - A KING, BUT A MAN ALSO

King David dances before the Ark of God as he brings it back to Jerusalem. The city celebrates. David expands the kingdom and grows restless and complacent with success. He stays behind in Jerusalem in the Spring when Kings are supposed to make war. One beautiful, starry night he spots Bathsheba bathing on her rooftop below. He summons her to himself. His moral compass broke that night and never recovered.

David: Segment 5 - GOD’S PENALTY

Even kings answer to a higher law, God’s law. David takes the wife of Uriah and has him killed. A baby is born to the royal couple. It struggles to cling to life. The full weight of David’s actions rests heavily on his soul and he bows in agony before God to no avail. The baby dies.

David: Segment 6 - ON THE MERCY OF GOD

The kingdom is falling apart. David, in fear, numbers the fighting men of Israel against the mandates of God. A plague ravages the country as a penalty for his disobedience. David throws himself into the hands of the living God, praying for mercy. But the damage is done and David’s house falls apart. It is an epic tale, a story for all ages.

Elijah: Segment 1 - GOD’S MAN IN RAGS

King Ahab takes for himself a Queen named Jezebel, and the nation is seduced into a worshipping frenzy of her pagan god, Ba’al, forgetting the living God. One man, the prophet Elijah, dressed in rags, stands against the mighty king and his wicked Queen. The door to evil is opened and only Elijah stands between the nation and disaster. But when the prophet shows up, never underestimate the power of one small voice crying out to God in the wilderness.


Elijah gathers strength for the coming battle between good and evil in a poor widow’s dwelling. He has an encounter with the resurrection power of God. He goes forth to do battle against the prophets of Ba’al in a show down between good and evil. God comes in almighty power, the eternal living God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob shows up and who can stand?


Elijah is still a man of flesh and blood and runs from the threats of Jezebel. He seeks God in his great turmoil and fear. Hiding in a cave God comes to him as a still, small voice. The Almighty comes, humbly, not in weakness but in full knowledge of His power, the power to kill with a word. He comes to have relationship, to restore, to reconcile. And good triumphs over evil completely as Ahab dies in battle, the dogs licking up his blood, and Jesebel falls from power without her King.