Welcome by the Gods Stories


The God's Stories series is a set of dramatized Bible character stories developed on a foundation of storytelling - and telling them in the order they happen. These stories begin at the beginning with Adam & Eve, and move on through the Old & New Testament on to the Beloved Apostle, John on Patmos. So far we have filmed and edited our Old Testament story set and the beginning of "The Messiah" (see, The Stories, & Series Preview).

We have been working in rather a secluded and hushed context for a variety reasons - however, we are currently working on distribution elements more openly and fulfilling our mandate of "Sowing Broadly".

This website is a simple introduction to the God's Stories Series. The series has been called and identified in several ways - GII, Gutenberg II, God's Stories, etc. They are all one and the same.

So here you will find a list of the programs completed so far, a short promo to let you have a look at what the programs are like, as well as, a taste of the look, feel and a bit of the original sound track.

The programs are in Arabic - with native born directors, production people, and designs being used.

Enjoy . . .


The Executive Producer